What is Brainspotting™?

Brainspotting is a form of therapy for processing trauma and other blockages. David Grand Phd, a renowned psychotherapist in the United States, discovered this very effective method in 2003. It has since become a globally used therapy that is constantly being developed.

Why Brainspotting?

With Brainspotting you can resolve both psychological and physical complaints. This includes stress (burnout), fears, (sports) injuries, addictions, chronic diseases, autism, ADHD, dyslexia etc. It can improve your performance and significantly increase your quality of life.

What happens during a Brainspotting session?

You tell me which complaints you would like to address. We then look at what feeling in your body is associated with the complaint and then look for the associated eye position.

From that point of view, your processing process, and with it the improvement or resolution of your complaints, is started. You may now think, what a hocus pocus, but believe me: it really works!

Who is Brainspotting suitable for?

Brainspotting is suitable for everyone, regardless of age. Brainspotting is particularly effective in children. With them, the processing seems to go even faster than with adults.

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Fair is fair, I thought so myself first. But from my own experience and now also the clinical experiences of thousands of people, it is now clear that Brainspotting is very effective. Almost all other methods do help, but only partially and do not resolve the complaints permanently. That's because you stay in the area of consciousness. With Brainspotting you enter the area of the subconscious mind and there are precisely those unprocessed, traumatic, memories that you cannot reach with other methods. To reassure, working in the subconscious does not mean that you become unconscious. During a session you are conscious and you continue to be in control.

Brainspotting can be used as an independent method, but can also be combined with other therapies, treatment methods and coaching techniques. The mutual effect can be increased by this.

Various studies are currently being conducted into the precise functioning of Brainspotting in the brain and body. It seems clear that the method uses, among other things, the human capacity to scan itself and the self-healing capacity of the body. Meanwhile, more and more scientists are enthusiastic about this method.

Interviews with the founder of Brainspotting

There is also a number of videos from the founder David Grand on YouTube. Watch the video on the right. Mind you, they are in English.